Place Brill

Fête de la Musique 2016

18:15 - 18:55

Elysian Gates

After extensive writing sessions,  Elysian Gates finally recorded their first studio album “Destination Unknown“ in 2013. In 2014, the band considered to  start a new chapter as a female fronted band.

19:05 - 19:45

Alien Pitch Cat

Founded in 2014, AlienPitchCat is moving rapidly toward to a stylish music postgrunge Rock «and clearly identifiable influences are bands such as: Audioslave, Rage against the machine, Hblockx...

19:55 - 20:35

Seed to Tree

It can be said that it was back in 2009 the “seed” of Seed to Tree was planted when Benjamin Heidrich and Georges Goerens began playing guitar and singing together. However the band idea didn’t take root until the beginning of 2010 when Michi Mentgen the drummer provided the first shoots for Seed to Tree.

20:45 - 21:25

Go by Brooks

Projet solo de Laetitia au départ – grande fan du poète, romancier et auteur-compositeur-interprète canadien – le groupe s’est étoffé depuis sa création en 2013 pour se détacher très largement de ce côté folk acoustique au départ.

21:45 - 23:15


Take four lifelong friends, from multicultural backgrounds, put them together and add endless united energy, create a brave new sound that defines modern rock music. The sound of Kytes has its roots in strong dance like beats, catchy guitar riffs and electronic sound beds.


Commune de Kayl

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